Blueprint is a full-service, award-winning digital communications firm offering strategy, design & development, and targeted advertising to advance issues and organizations we believe in. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • We give you our full attention. We are a boutique firm, so you benefit from a close, strategic working relationship.
  • We are nimble and agile. We are your team–that means no long turnaround times, no outsourcing, no extra costs.
  • We are transparent. We provide access to complete results so you can view your campaign directly, whenever you wish.
  • We are diverse. Our backgrounds are varied–bringing you the right mix of expertise to deliver the best results.
  • We innovate. We test and learn, and constantly optimize to maximize our results. 

We are invested in your success because your goals are our goals.

Our philosophy
is simple:
Your goals
are our goals.

Our Process

Our Team


Ajani Winston

Art Director

Ajani Winston is the Art Director at Blueprint Interactive. He is a creative jack of all trades and is dedicated to producing innovative and engaging design for the good of humanity. 

Prior to joining Blueprint, Ajani worked as a Senior Interactive Designer for George Washington University, The Center for Public Integrity, and MSHC Partners.

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Amy Niles Gonzalez


Amy Niles Gonzalez is Founder and President of Blueprint, a digital strategy, marketing and design firm. A veteran entrepreneur, interactive strategist and management consultant, Amy works with numerous clients on issue advocacy and digital campaigns that leverage data and modeling alongside creative and messaging. Amy was selected as 2013 CampaignTech Innovator by Campaigns and Elections magazine…

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Annette Lee

Director, Online Strategies

Annette Lee is the Director of Online Strategies for Blueprint, working on campaigns for clients like Planned Parenthood and National Partnership for Women and Families.

Prior to coming on to Blueprint, she was an Online Program Manager for Avalon Consulting, managing online fundraising…

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Cameron Cook

Vice President, Operations

Cameron Cook is the Vice President of Operations for Blueprint. Cameron works with his team to develop and execute innovative projects for nonprofit and commercial clients. He also manages Blueprint Labs, Blueprint's product development arm. Blueprint Labs projects include Dashboard, Blueprint's project management suite, and several tools that integrate with…

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Charlotte Goodman

Digital Campaigns Associate

Charlotte Goodman is the Digital Campaigns Associate for Blueprint where she works alongside the team to run innovative and exciting digital campaigns for clients. Prior to Blueprint, Charlotte worked on the Digital Team at CCTV- America, an international news organization. While at CCTV,  she maintained the website, assisted in program development and wrote original posts. 

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Geoff Mackler

Vice President

Geoff Mackler is a Vice President at Blueprint Interactive, where he guides digital strategy and develops engagement programs that motivate people to action.

Prior to joining Blueprint, Geoff was a Democratic campaign road warrior! He managed top-tier Congressional campaigns in New Jersey and Nevada…

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Julie Sheah

Junior Designer

Julie Sheah is a Junior Designer at Blueprint Interactive, designing innovative websites and graphics for various projects and campaigns.

Prior to joining Blueprint, she worked in creative positions in a wide variety of fields, from graphic design at the Federal Reserve to letterpress printing at Haute Papier. At the Federal Reserve, she created marketing materials for various  projects.

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Michael Pinson

Digital Campaigns Analyst

Mike Pinson is the Digital Campaigns Analyst for Blueprint where he works alongside the team to design and optimize innovative and exciting digital campaigns for clients.

Prior to joining Blueprint, Mike worked as an Assistant Analyst at The Mellman Group, a public opinion research and polling firm, where he developed opinion polling and market-based strategy for Democratic political leaders, campaigns, corporations, and public interest groups.

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Nick Rivers

Vice President, Engineering

Nick Rivers is Vice President of Engineering at Blueprint. Nick is a self-motivated technologist who aspires to change the world. He manages and maintains the company’s web server, and leads the execution of its websites and applications. 

Prior to working at Blueprint, he worked at MSHC Partners leading the company’s development efforts…

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Patrick McGill avatar

Patrick McGill

Director of Business Development

Patrick McGill is a Director of Business Development at Blueprint Interactive, where he works with current and prospective clients on their digital campaigns.

Prior to joining Blueprint, Patrick was a Senior Associate with Precision Network, managing digital advertising campaigns for Democratic SuperPACs, progressive non-profits, and corporate branding efforts. 

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Reed Dudley

Junior Designer

Reed Dudley is the Junior Designer for Blueprint Interactive. She is passionate about design and its crucial role in connecting people to the issues that matter...

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Sam Kahle


Sam Kahle is a Developer for Blueprint where he works alongside the Lead Developer to create unique interactive content for web and digital purposes. Throughout his previous experience, Sam has worked for several clients in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. as a freelance developer. 

Sam loves combining his background in communications with the interactive media skill set he learned in graduate school to create original multi-media content that solves client needs in unique and refreshing ways.

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