Real-time Form Interaction Tracking

Posted on Feb 19, 2015 by Cameron Cook

google analytics / Tracking / engagement / data

It's well established that at Blueprint, we're data people.

So, when we find a new way to track and gather data, particularly when it's costless for our clients, we get pretty excited.

Previously, when we wanted to track how users are reacting or using forms, we incorporated analytics suites like Clicktale, even though we've always used Google Analytics as our primary platform.


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Your Owned Media Strategy

Posted on Feb 9, 2015 by Nick Kessler

content strategy / owned media / earned media / paid media

Do you have an owned media strategy in place?  It's time to consider owned media - particularly, your website - as the crucial pivot in your digital communications strategy that also includes paid and earned media.

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Facebook Ads: When Ugly Wins?

Posted on Feb 5, 2015 by Annette Lee

A while back Amy wrote about grumpy pictures working on Facebook. But we all know the digital space is forever rapidly changing – so does that still hold true today?

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We're on the lookout for a Design Intern!

Posted on Jan 27, 2015 by Darin Senneff

jobs / hiring

Blueprint is looking for an intern to work with our crazy designers. If you or someone you know seems like the perfect fit, check out the job description below!

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Early 2015: Time to Invest in Your Digital Infrastructure

Posted on Jan 23, 2015 by Geoff Mackler

Now that we’ve recovered from the elections and the holidays, its time for your organization or campaign to take a closer look at your digital infrastructure. The next cycle is shaping up to be one of the most important in recent memory and if want to part of it you need to get out ahead of the curve. 

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How to implement SVG into your workflow

Posted on Jan 14, 2015 by Stu Dotson

Have you ever visited a website with a bunch of blurry icons? Never fear, SVG images are here to save the day!

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How to Make Facebook Images: A Tutorial for Non-Designers, Part 3

Posted on Dec 23, 2014 by Erin Malick Thompson

design / graphics / photoshop / how-to / tutorial

'Tis two days before Christmas, and all through the office, not a coworker is stirring, right? Why not take time to learn a new skill?

Start with today's tutorial, which will show you how to fill text with an image.

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And the winner is…

Posted on Dec 16, 2014 by Cameron Cook

holiday / holiday giving

Thank you all again for voting in our charity poll. The results are in and it was a nail biter!

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An Introduction to Banner Ad Sizes

Posted on Dec 11, 2014 by Nick Kessler

Let's take a closer look at the top 5 banner ad sizes, using actual data from 2014.

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