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advertising / Desktop / mobile / Tablet / television / Video   Posted on Mar 9, 2017 by Amy Niles Gonzalez

We’ve been talking about cord cutters for years, but now it’s happened.

In 2016, streaming service subscribers (free or paid) caught up with paid TV service providers, according to the Consumer Technology Association’s new study, The Changing Landscape for Video and Content.

Now at a roughly 50/50 split, we’ve seen dramatic shifts in just 4 years. Based on average share of video viewing from 2012 to 2015

  • Television: decreased from 62% to 51%
  • Smartphone increased from 16% to 21%
  • Laptop, tablet & other: increased from 23% to 29%

We’re watching our video on-the-go. Just like television, desktop video viewing decreased over 50% since 2012.

And this is all while we’re watching more video, not less. The same study notes that video viewing has increased more than 30% over the past five years. Just not through televisions.

This shifting landscape is impacting television advertising and subscription revenues. Both are falling in response as viewers have subscribed to individual channels (initially Netflix and Hulu and Amazon) or soon to lower cost niche bundles (think YouTube’s virtual cable package). As a result, networks like ESPN and Disney have announced they are cutting back. More will follow. 

As viewers shift, so does advertising spend, with digital advertising continuing to rise. eMarketer has projected that digital ad spend will outpace television ad spend in 2017

These shifts are having profound impacts on how we approach our digital campaigns.

As before, we continue to layer as many different digital strategies as resources allow to determine the best creative formats, targeting techniques, sequencing, frequency and ultimately results.

We’ve also expanded our persuasion digital campaigns beyond being extensions and amplifications of television buys. We continue to leverage video across pre-roll, native and social. Mobile and tablet are an even larger percent of our plans.

In addition, we are listening. We read, monitor and measure feedback via social channels, And based on what we hear, adapt and refine our strategies moving forward.  It’s anecdotal, incomplete and imperfect, but it’s a start.

We believe we need to continually try new approaches to evolve beyond what we have done previously in an effort to achieve the best results. 

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