Nick’s First Developer How-To Workshop

development / how-to / mobile / speaker / workshop   Posted on Feb 14, 2013 by Nick Rivers

So I’ve been writing developer how-to guides on the Blueprint blog for a while now. On Tuesday, I instructed my first developer workshop called “How to Build a Mobile iOS App” at the Living Social Headquarters for DC Web Women. This two-hour workshop introduced attendees to key elements needed to build native iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch apps.

I began the workshop talking about reasons to learn iOS, where the technology is going, and how to make money in this industry. After that, I gave a tour of Xcode and introduced the class to their development environment. I found the class was very receptive to this information and asked good questions when something was too complicated.

While preparing for this workshop, I developed 4 hands on exercises for the class to complete. These exercises included, a basic “Hello World” app, an app that manipulated parent and child views,  and user input. The last exercise introduced the audience to user interface elements and how to write code that captures user gestures and return actions based on these events.

In the end, my workshop was a huge success. At the end of the session I had a chance to talk to many of the attendants one by one and they all were very pleased. Lastly, the hosts of DC Web Women were very professional and are excited for me to teach another session.

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