Pre-campaign launch: are your digital ducks in a row?

  Posted on Aug 7, 2017 by Patrick McGill

Are your digital ducks in a row?

So you are planning on running for office for the first time. What do you need to do?

Before you start raising money, knocking on doors, and telling voters why you’re the best choice there are a lot of steps you need to take to set up your campaign online.

These steps below are the basics of what we do at Blueprint to help kick campaigns off successfully on day one.


Today’s graphic designers have greater access to stylish fonts and graphic devices than ever before. Yet most campaign logos are pretty boring. Your campaign logo will be all over your website, social accounts, and advertising. Your logo should have personality and be the visual symbol that ties everything about your campaign together. More important is how your logo—and the ideas it represents—are embraced and interpreted by your voters.

If you have a boring personality don't expect adding a ! (a la Jeb!) will make all the difference in your campaign.

Setting up Social Accounts

You should create a Facebook page and Twitter account to start. You need to make sure that they look good on mobile and desktop.  Increasingly, more and more of your voters will be seeing your social pages on their smartphone so your cover images and profile pictures need to be optimized for mobile viewing.  Mobile can’t be an afterthought in anything you do online.


Take a lot of photos and don’t put the candidate always in the center. Having them on the left or the right side gives us room to work with so that we can put text, a logo, or other imagery. Shoot extra wide in everything and provide your team the photos in raw format so that they have the most ability to work with a lot of the new website design standards.

The golden rule for social media—Content, Content, Content. And because once you launch your campaign you’ll need a lot of content we’ll need a lot of photography to keep your content fresh. So take tons of pictures of you with people doing things. Don’t just have solo shots of yourself.


You will need a website for your campaign launch that capitalizes on the initial support from your network of friends and family.  Get a quick landing page up that collects donations and e-mail addresses while you build a larger website with everything you’ll need for the full campaign later on. Hire a firm like Blueprint to build your website!

Database (Fundraising & E-mails)

Get set up on Blue State Digital, NGP, or other full service platforms that let you send e-mails, have a contact database, and are able to process your donations. 

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