Trump 2020: Bad News for Democrats

  Posted on Apr 2, 2018 by Patrick McGill

I talked to Brad Parscale at a dinner a few months ago.  He's really tall and the first thing he said to me was that on Election Night, President-elect Trump wouldn't let him near him because he would look small next to Brad.

Back in 2008 and 2012, Democrats were clearly winning the digital game. Obama raised boatloads from small-dollar donations and e-mail and social were key parts of the Obama effort.

In 2016, Democrats fell behind on digital.  Republicans knew they were losing the war online and they throw tons of money at it. They now prioritize digital in their House and Senate campaigns way more than Democrats.

We often talk about using digital-first creative.  Instead of taking a TV ad and thinking how do we cut this down to 15 seconds, at Blueprint we develop digital creative from the ground up for the channel, audience, and format where it will be seen.   Most people use Facebook on their phones with no audio on. For Facebook and Instagram newsfeed square videos take up more screen space then rectangle. If you’re doing ads in Facebook and/or Instagram stories you need a full screen vertical format.  

Republicans aren't just running digital-first creative (and spending 2-3X more on digital advertising than we are) with Brad Parscale at the helm of Trump 2020 they'll be running the first digital-first presidential campaign.

This cycle, we've seen Democratic campaigns spend $20-$40K on announcement videos where the vast, vast majority of views of these videos will be on Facebook.  These videos that are used to help kick off a campaign aren't being formatted for Facebook. They have little to no text on screen, they take way too long for anything to happen in the video, and the digital rollouts are often not even being planned out.  The digital roll out is often an after thought with little to no money put behind the efforts.

For Trump 2020, Brad Parscale will be thinking of every campaign operation, press, fundraising, field, advertising, operations, from a digital-first perspective.

At the dinner I met Brad at, he had a box of Hershey's kisses he got at the White House earlier that day.  After finding out the woman we were both talking with had a young child at home, he quickly offered them to her.

Case in point, Brad Parscale knows how to use the tools at his disposal.  And on Trump 2020 they're digital tools.

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