Using Digital For Offline Mobilization: Part II - Facebook Events

  Posted on Aug 31, 2017 by Max

At first glance, Facebook Events might seem like just a gimmicky way for college kids to market their parties, but they can be a powerful tool when used correctly. Whether you want to increase awareness, grow your lists, or boost attendance, a Facebook Event can be a great campaign asset.

Why are Facebook events so useful?

Spread the Word Organically

Whenever someone interacts with your event, it shows up on their timeline for all their friends to see. If you have an eye-catching graphic and a descriptive event title, you can increase the reach of both your event and your own page. Once you can get enough people to reply as “going” or even just “interested” in your event, your event can spread widely. Even if many people who RSVP to your event do not actually attend, the more people who see it the better.

Build Better Lists

While it is possible to export the list of people who interact with your Facebook event, you’ll need to include a link to an RSVP form on your own website if you want capture more than your attendees’ first and last names.

A simple email sign up form, couched as an RSVP, can capture new names and build strong lists of people who are interested in taking offline action.

While not everyone who responds to the event on Facebook will also click your link and respond, you’d be surprised how many people will fill out an additional form. This is especially true for campaign rallies because people often aren’t sure if they need tickets or not, but this tactic can be effective for other event types as well.

Build a Sense of Community

If a goal of your campaign is to showcase grassroots or community support, a Facebook event is the perfect place to do so, since RSVPs are displayed publicly. This can also lead to a snowball effect, where the more people you show as going to the event, the more likely people are to RSVP themselves. People may even discover that their friends are interested in the same events and be more likely to actually show up as a group.

Bolster Other Organizing Efforts

Even when an event is over, your Facebook event can still help your campaign. Organizers can identify new supporters who attended the event or follow up with people who RSVPed but did not attend.  

A few final best practices:

  • Pay attention to your graphics. Use eye-catching graphics that describe the event. Ideally, someone would be able to have all the information necessary to attend your event without even clicking away from their timeline.
  • Post reminders from your page in the event. Attendees will get an automatic notification from Facebook an hour before the event, but you can remind them with additional notifications if you post one day or a few hours before your event as well. By posting in the event as your page, you also cross-promote your page and can increase page likes.
  • Encourage your event attendees to invite their friends. Anyone can send invitations to public Facebook events, so you should use all the tools available to widen your audience.
  • Boost your post’s visibility. A little budget can go a long way to promote your event to the people you want to attend, even if those people don’t like your page yet.

Do you need help with online to offline organizing? Get in touch with us and talk with a digital strategist about how Blueprint can help.

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