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holiday giving   Posted on Dec 11, 2017 by Annette Lee

The holiday spirit is all over Blueprint. So it must be time for our annual holiday giving contest!

Each Blueprinter has chosen an organization and we need your help to decide which ones to donate to this year.

Read more about them below and vote.

We'll announce the results next week.

Thank you!


Pick one!

Brain Food

I'm putting forward the group Brain Food because it would help local teens gain new skills and further help the community ~ Ajani

Central American Resource Center

CARECEN seeks to facilitate Latino immigrants' transition to the US, reunite families, secure work authorization and economic security, and seek legal relief & justice for victims of crimes & abuse.

CARECEN provides the information, access, direct services, life-skills and civic education necessary for Latinos to attain a safe and stable environment for their families.

All of their work is meant to facilitate the process of transition for immigrants to an integrated life in their new home. They also strive to foster human rights advocacy and leadership skills so that all of those who participate in their programs and services can, in turn, can play a role in the advancement of their communities.  ~ Mike

Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Defense Fund works to solve some of the most critical environmental problems facing the planet. This includes climate and energy , oceans, ecosystems and health. They have influenced US and other governments to consider their policies that affect the environment.

Since a lot of problems we hare facing right now have to do with climate change and environment, I think they are a suitable charity to donate to.  ~ Dilhari

Friends of Puerto Rico​

Even though it's been months since Hurricane Maria, much of the island is still without power, businesses are still closed, and all communication such as landline, internet, and cell phones is spotty at best. Many of the people I know who are on the island still rely on expensive generators to get through the day for basic needs such as cooking and cleaning. ~ Julie


Technology is slowing taking over the world and it will be super beneficial down the road to have some female programmers/hackers join the Resistance who can take down the Terminator robots and ultimately save the human species... Also guys love a girl who can code!  ~ Sam

Horton's Kids

In Wellington Park, one of the most violent and under-resourced communities in southeast DC, kids find a safe haven at Horton’s Kids. Six days a week, they gather at the Community Resource Center to eat healthy meals, read in the library, get homework help and, most importantly, engage one-on-one with a caring adult mentor.

But Horton’s Kids is much more than a community center. Through its structured case management system, children stay on track right through high school graduation and are prepared for post-secondary success. Making a difference starts locally, and setting our youth up for success is an investment in our country's future.  ~ Jake


Our Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans served our country and we need to have their back.  ~ Patrick

Because they fought for us. America should be supporting our Veterans instead of cutting services. If Trump isn't going to stand up for our Veterans we should support groups like IAVA who are doing so much in our communities for our Veterans.  ~ Geoff

Mockingbird Foundation​

Support Music Education! ~ Coby

Planned Parenthood​

Reproductive health and rights are under attack like never before. From defending affordable birth control to protecting access to safe and legal abortion, Planned Parenthood is committed to making sure all women and men can get the quality, affordable care they need.

Planned Parenthood was the primary health care provider my friends and I turned to in college. I pick Planned Parenthood as my charity every year, and this year it's never been more true: Planned Parenthood needs our support now more than ever.  ~ Amy

Resist This

Resist This is an umbrella organization which is working to coordinate and connect activist groups in Washington, DC. They strengthen local organizing in the belly of the beast. ~ Yanik

Rural Dog Rescue

I just can't quit my support of Rural Dog Rescue. For those who are new to our charity giving, I pick them every year because they are a smaller local rescue here in DC working to save the "underdogs." These are dogs like hounds, pit bulls, older dogs, and black dogs - all the ones that often get overlooked in the shelter.

My family adopted both of our dogs through them - one of them just this last spring. Especially in the aftermath of the 2016 elections and being a human living through the Trump administration - these dogs have played such an important role in keeping me calm and reminding me that there is good in the world when I come home and see their excited faces.

I'm constantly accused of "rigging" this poll by putting in photos of my dogs so I'll link some here and here. ~ Annette

SOME - So Others Might Eat​

SOME is an interfaith, community-based organization that exists to help the poor and homeless here in DC. They provide immediate and long-term assistance, from meals and clothing to job training and safe, affordable housing.

They work to empower those they serve, and they also advocate for policy changes to address the root causes of poverty. What more could you want in a single local organization this holiday season? ~ Max

The Trevor Project

A great charity focused on helping young LGBTQ people fight depression, harassment, and ultimately prevent suicide (as well as provide direct suicide prevention services). They're much more focused on their mission than groups like HRC are interested in political battles, and more about providing directed services to LGBTQ youth (ages 13-24). ~ Dan

Wounded Warrior Project

​The wounded warrior project is an effort to provide aid to severely injured soldiers. Whether its offering job programs or lobbying to congress for veteran benefits, this project is there to help. I personally feel I owe a debt to these young men and women in service who fight so I can live the American Dream. ~ Nick

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