Crossroads Campaigns

2015 Electoral Campaigns

The Challenge

A group of Asian American non-profit organizations formed a coalition for the 2015 elections. Asian American has historically been lower than other groups and they wanted to see if multi-channel GOTV campaign could help increase turnout.

Our Solution

In order to reach our audience of low turnout Asian American voters in Louisiana, Virginia, and Texas we created a media plan that mixed matched and demographic targeting with direct matching tactics to best hit our target audience through banners and Facebook. 

The Result

By Election Day we were able to deliver almost 4 million impressions and 4 thousand clicks to the landing pages. Early data analysis showed lifts in voter turnout amongst our target audience. In Louisiana alone we saw turnout at just over 19% within our audience versus 17% for Asian Americans outside our audience.

  • Impressions: 3,754,067
  • Clicks: 3,959
  • CTR: 0.11%

Services Provided

  • Design
  • Messaging
  • Strategy
  • Targeted Advertising

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