Planned Parenthood

2016 Presidential Primary Campaigns

The Challenge

Heading into Super Tuesday and March 8th, Planned Parenthood needed to make sure that Hillary Clinton had strong support from key constituencies: African American women, Latina women and Planned Parenthood supporters. Planned Parenthood launched an integrated campaign of digital ads, mail and phones to reach these groups and urge them to vote for Hillary Clinton on March 1st through a robust Persuasion and GOTV campaign. 

Our Solution

Based on experience with the Nevada caucus campaign, we created a comprehensive, layered digital campaign:

  • Persuasion: Message driven videos “Champion” and “Care,” building the case for supporting Hillary Clinton
  • GOTV: Messaging reinforcing why Planned Parenthood supports Hillary Clinton and urging them to vote for Clinton on primary day.

We placed ads on Facebook, Instagram, mobile devices, and pre-roll video into a modeled persuasion audience, supporter email match, African Americans and Hispanics, a remarketing universe, Planned Parenthood clinic visitors, and primary goers on March 1st and March 8th. 

The Results

Hillary Clinton bested Bernie Sanders in Texas 65.2% to 33.2% and Virginia 65.2% to 33.2%. She narrowly lost Michigan 48.3% to 49.8% but won women by 6 points and African American women by 38 points.

Overall through the course of the entire five-day campaign to persuade and get out the vote we delivered an impressive digital performance:

  • 39.6MM Impressions
  • 357K Overall Clicks
  • 0.90% Overall Clickthrough Rate
  • 8.8MM Completed Video Views
  • 73% Pre-Roll Video Completion Rate

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