Planned Parenthood

2017 ACA Enrollment Campaign

The Challenge

Planned Parenthood wanted to test promoting ACA enrollment in plans that include Planned Parenthood among young African American and Hispanic women in selected geographies. The ultimate goal was to reach this audience as cost efficiently as possible to promote plan look up and provide assistance options.

Our Solution

Our approach was to focus our resources on two social networks popular with our target audience - Facebook and Instagram. We tested English and Spanish language creatives focusing on 5 metropolitan areas to coincide with on the ground events happening in these cities. Throughout the campaign we also tested different images and videos, sometimes incorporating topical memes and animated texts.

The Results

Our results were significantly better than prior campaigns with response rates more than 200% higher than before. We also saw conversion rates as high as 75% for some techniques and creatives, with the average overall coming in at a strong 12%. 

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