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Kate Brown was appointed Governor in 2015 and faced her first Gubernatorial election this November to complete the full term. She won reelection in 2018 for a full term. 

Kate is the first openly bisexual governor in United States history and her win in 2016 made her the first openly LGBT person ever elected governor in the United States.

The campaign asked Blueprint to develop a full website that showcased Kate’s priorities and vision for the future of Oregon. We designed and developed an engaging website for Kate, highlighting the priorities she has set in office and the many accomplishments she has achieved.  We approached this challenge looking for different ways to tell Kate’s story.

We designed a site that encouraged interaction and had a unique feel when people visited including automatic rotating photos, photo collages, streamlining issues with icons and images, and incorporating our "social connect" tool that pulls personal data from the user’s Facebook accounts and allows the campaign to communicate with these individual via email.

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  • Design
  • Website Development

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