Planned Parenthood

Chat Study Recruitment Campaign


Planned Parenthood needed to recruit participants in a study about their online chat services. Qualified participants needed to fit a set specified criteria and live within six defined geographical regions in order to participate in the full study.


We created a layered digital campaign that tested a variety of ad techniques to determine which would help us reach our target audience. This included contextual banner ads, mobile banner ads, remarketing ads, and Facebook, Twitter, and search ads.

We also tested different images, graphics and a variety of messages including general sexual health information, appealing to help Planned Parenthood, and promoting monetary incentives.


The campaign demonstrated digital advertising can be a cost effective way to recruit qualified participants for a study. Over the course of the campaign, we were able to improve performance dramatically:

  • 157% improvement in click-through rate
  • 139% improvement in qualification rate
  • 22% decrease in cost per qualified participant

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