EMS Worker Lead Generation

The Challenge

AFSCME was interested in ramping up efforts to organize EMS workers in specific states with specific employers, in a cost effective manner.

Our Solution

We devised a testing program across digital techniques using different messages to see which combination drove the highest volume of quality leads at the lowest cost. This included testing with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Remarketing. Our messaging included topics like pay/living wages, training, working conditions, equipment and having a voice in patient care.  

The Results

The campaign was extremely successful in driving high quality leads. In the last sprint, we were able to drive completed surveys at roughly $20 per survey, down 400% from prior flights. We also saw terrific engagement in post comments, shares and likes. AFSCME was able to capture and review all of this additional interest as well to further hone the program for future efforts. 

Services Provided

  • Advertising
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Optimizaion
  • Strategy

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