Catholic Charities of NY

Feeding Our Neighbors

The Challenge

Catholic Charities of New York's annual Feeding Our Neighbor campaign aims to restock local food pantries. Catholic Charities wanted to test the effectiveness of a digital direct-response campaign to boost donations.

Our Solution

We developed a multi-channel digital outreach plan that included:

  • A responsive landing page
  • A series of emails that leveraged their existing lists
  • Coordinated Facebook and Twitter posts

The landing page focused user's attention on donations, and we built in a detailed amount of tracking that allowed us to see where donations were coming from and even what fields on the form users completed versus skipped.

The Results

In just a few short weeks, we raised over $20,000 online, in addition to boosting offline and food donations. Through our outreach, we drove just over 2,700 unique visits to the landing page, and saw an 8% conversion rate.

Services Provided

  • Design
  • Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Strategy

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