Planned Parenthood

Keep Ken Out App

The Challenge

Ken Cuccinelli, the 2013 Republican nominee for governor of Virginia, has a longrecord of supporting positions against women’s health. Planned Parenthood wanted to defeat Cucinnelli in the general election.

Our Solution

To highlight Cuccinelli’s fixaton on interfering with personal, we launched a social campaign in conjunction with #KeepKenOut and @KeepKenOut, and created a Facebook app that enabled people to insert Ken into one of their photos. Users could easily tweet the photo and post it to their Facebook feed.

We further supported the campaign with a modest amount of paid advertising using mobile and video messaging targeted to supporters in Virginia.

The Results

The campaign:

  • Received press across from Jezebel to National Review online
  • Generated hundreds of photos, tweets and posts
  • Delivered 31MM+ impressions and 44K clicks at a clickthrough rate of 0.14%

Our work was named as by PolicyMic one of 23 digital campaigns that changed the world and a Gold Pollie for best online advertising in the Independent Expenditure category.

Services Provided

  • Banners
  • Design
  • Development
  • Targeted Advertising

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