Defenders of Wildlife

Microtargeting Key Lawmakers

"We needed a way to respond rapidly and break through to key members of Congress during the appropriations process. Blueprint's hyper-targeted strategy was the solution we were looking for to ensure our campaign’s success."

- Yaron Miller, Director of National Outreach

The Challenge

Endangered wildlife found themselves under attack again not from natural predators, but anti-environment members of Congress adding riders to eliminate longstanding protections on bills in both the House and Senate.

Defenders of Wildlife needed a new way to break through and influence key members and their senior staff to vote down these irresponsible riders.

Our Solution

Our target was small - a select few of Senators and Congresspeople and their influential staff. Because of this we wanted to ensure Defenders’ message was delivered to the right people and so we took a comprehensive, multi-channel approach. This included:

  • Direct matching on Facebook & Twitter
  • Employer targeting on Linkedin and Facebook
  • Tight geo-targeting of Member offices in DC, in district, and their homes.
  • Remarketing universes to further increase reach and help target across channels

The Results

Despite our small target audiences, the three campaigns delivered:

  • 5MM+ Impressions
  • 23.5K+ Clicks
  • 0.47% CTR
  • $0.83 Cost-Per Click

All three bills were either defeated or the vote was delayed, further protecting endangered species by Federal law for the near future.

Services Provided

  • Legislative Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Targeted Advertising

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