Planned Parenthood

North Carolina State Legislature Campaign

"Blueprint's strategic approach, clever creative, and quick response ensured our message broke through and stayed on point. We're glad to have them by our side protecting women's health!"

- Melissa Reed, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Health Systems Action Fund


The North Carolina state legislature had again passed more restrictions on abortion. Planned Parenthood wanted to call out Gov. McCrory for promising to not to enact any more restrictions – and breaking this promise for the second time.


We began with banners targeted to the capitol and Facebook ads statewide. After McCrory signed the bill we also added in a short video that we ran as pre-roll video to the same universes to further highlight his broken promises to North Carolina women.


The campaign was highly successful in reaching the target audience in an incredibly cost-effective way.

  • Over 2MM impressions — number of times our message was delivered
  • Over 14K clicks to the site — number of times our messages was clicked by a user
  • Over 200K video views— number of people who saw the pre-roll or full video
  • Over 160K completed views – number of people who watched the entire pre-roll or full video
  • $0.85 CPC – cost per click
  • $.02 CPV – cost per completed view

Additionally, 900 people signed a petition to Gov. McCrory and added almost 200 new page likes to the Planned Parenthood Facebook page that will allow them to further communicate with their target audience.

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