Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Care

The Challenge

Planned Parenthood recently started offering selected services via iOS and Android apps. These apps allow users to receive birth control, an STD test, or UTI medication through either a video visit using your phone, or via an asynchronous process where patients submit a form and it’s processed and sent to your pharmacy, typically within a few hours.

Marketing these apps meant we first needed a baseline for cost per installs, enrollment rate, and rate of video visits / prescriptions.

Our Solution

We started by leveraging user research Planned Parenthood had done to create our target audience. We designed numerous concepts, using photography, graphics / animations, videos, and more.

Along with imagery we developed different messaging streams, highlighting various value propositions. We also tested marketing platforms, operating systems (iOS vs. Android), geographies, and more.

The Result

In the course of just a few months, we lowered the cost per install by over 80% and continue to set regular highs for enrollments and prescriptions or video visits generated via the apps.

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