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The Water at Bay: An Interactive Documentary

The Project

The Water at Bay is an interactive documentary for the Our Bay on the Brink campaign which enables viewers to experience the next severe flood in the San Francisco Bay from their computers. It brings to life the dangerous impacts of flooding on the Bay Area economy and way of life by presenting flood zone video and audio content synchronized with layers of text, infographics, and maps to create a truly one-of-a-kind interactive experience.

The interactive map experience is built upon Mapbox GL, a mapping library used to create mind-blowing customized maps and Web GL, a groundbreaking API commonly used for highly interactive experiences, 3D graphics, and games. The map also uses vector graphics, which leverage the power of mathematics to generate images that remain crystal clear whether they're the size of your iPhone or projected onto the face of the moon. All this is synergistically glued together with the raw explosive power of Javascript, the web's most omnipresent language.

The Results

The campaign has just gotten underway with the interactive documentary launching in late November. Bay Area press has taken notice as well as Silicon Valley leaders. While it is too soon to tell how it will be received we're confident it will have an impact on public perception and discourse about how to protect and preserve the Bay for future generations.

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