Getting your message out has never been more important and the options never greater, but knowing which tactics to use & when separates a winning campaign from a losing one.

We work with you to define and achieve your goals by asking and answering the following questions: Who do we need to reach? What do we want them to know? Where can we reach them? What do we want them to do?

Whenever possible we integrate online and offline tactics for maximum impact. A Blueprint campaign is one that involves:

  • Goals
  • Planning
  • Metrics
  • Analysis

At Blueprint the word “template” isn’t in our dictionary. No two sites, videos or apps are ever the same and each is built with your input every step of the way.

We are strategists, writers, designers and developers who all work in-house, ensuring speedy turnaround times without sacrificing quality or creativity.

We have built sites, social media feeds, apps, widgets, and maps, all using standards-compliant HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

We typically develop our sites in Drupal, a free, open-source CMS that allows for flexible and powerful development, yet cost-effective, simple management for our clients.

When you work with Blueprint you are working with a team well versed in:

  • Websites 
  • iOS & Android apps
  • Video 
  • Animations

We believe in testing, learning, and continually measuring, revising and adapting to ensure we achieve optimal results. You don’t want to waste money with ads that don’t reach the right people. And neither do we. All of our ad campaigns incorporate state-of-the-art targeting including:

  • IP-address
  • Cookie Targeting
  • Retargeting
  • Contextual
  • Behavioral
  • Geofencing

We do all our media planning and buying in house. Whether it’s traditional site placements or via advertising exchanges – we work daily to ensure your ad campaign is running smoothly, effectively, and efficiently. We regularly run campaigns that include:

  • Video
  • Mobile
  • Search (SEM)
  • Social Media
  • Native
  • Influencers

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